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Have an adventure with the Do & Discover Team

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Do & discover team

The Do & Discover Team is the activities team of Sandberghe. For the activities at Sandberghe nature is central. That way the children can discover in a fun way what nature in and around the park is offering. Every week we have a nature theme. For example: water week, forest week or sun week. In the morning we do a craft activity and in the afternoon we have a fun outing together. Are you coming with us to discover something?

When is there a Do & Discover Team?

There is an animation team at the park during all school holidays. And also during Easter, Ascension and Pentecost.

From April 1 to October 31 there is an animation team every weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Do & Discover location

The activities tent can be found opposite the big play park. This is the Do & Discover location of Sandberghe. In the morning we do fun crafts here. This is also the gathering point for the afternoon activity.


Korrel and Blaadje

Korrel and Blaadje (Grain and Leaf) are part of the Doe & Ontdek Team of Sandberghe. They are real adventurers who together go out to learn and discover. Blaadje is a wood elf. She lives in a beautiful tree hut made from leaves and branches. Korrel comes to visit there regularly. He is the sand knight of the Bedaf Dunes. He himself lives in a sand castle built by himself. Korrel and Blaadje love telling stories about the adventures they experience. Come at the end of the day to the activities tent to watch them perform.


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