On park

Playing inside and outside 

When do you really have time to play games together? You can do that when you're on holiday. There is all sorts to do for grownups and children. Are you after winning or do you join in for the fun? Enjoy old-fashioned fun games where everyone can join in.

Table tennis 

One against one or everyone round the table? Play a fanatic game of table tennis. Did you forget to pack paddles and ping pong balls? No problem, you can get them at reception.

Giant chessbord 

Have you ever seen a giant chessboard? Take your time to move the big chess pieces strategically and checkmate for the other king!

Jeu de boules

You cannot miss out on this on holiday. Play a relaxed game of Jeu de Boules.

Board games

Do you like old-fashioned board games? Choose a nice game from the games cupboard at "De Huyskamer".


Go-Kart Rental 

Cross through the park on your own go-karts. We rent different types of pedal go-karts. Ask for more information at reception.

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