Speeltuin Sandberghe

Fun in the playground

On park

Climbing, clambering and swinging

At the park are several outdoor play parks where our little guests can climb, clamber and swing. There is a big play park next to De Huyskamer. In addition there are playgrounds on 't Groene Woud square, and 't Heydeveld.

Big play park next to De Huyskamer

Good food and drinks while your kids are playing

In the big play park you can have fun swinging in the bird's nest, climb and clamber in the ropes, play with water and slide down from the slide. Bring a little spade; that way you can enjoy playing in the sand. Also wave to mum and dad who are sitting on De Huyskamer's terrace. 

Enjoy a lovingly made Latte Macchiato at the Huyskamer or enjoy a drink while enjoying our delicious traditional regional dishes.  

In the winter, our terrace is even covered. Ideal, right?

speeltuin heideveld

Playgrounds 't Groene Woud and 't Heydeveld

On 't Groene Woud and 't Heydeveld you can also find nice playground equipment. From your accommodation you can see the wooden play house where children can play nicely together. And while they enjoy themselves in the sand, you can finally read that book.

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