Moestuin Sandberghe

Discover the kitchen garden

On park

Kitchen garden

There is a beautiful kitchen garden at the park. This is the kitchen garden of Piertje. Lovely vegetables and fruit are growing here. At this garden patience is really rewarded. Everything that you pay attention to, grows. Come and look what all is there in the garden.

Helping in the kitchen garden

Children are allowed to lend a hand in the garden. They may water the plants or plant a seed. The volunteer who maintains the kitchen garden takes the children into the garden once a week (during holiday periods). She explains how everything works. Children are allowed to taste all sorts of things if they want. And if there is enough to harvest, then together they prepare something tasty from it.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

The rest of the harvest from the kitchen garden is for sale at reception. That way you can enjoy fresh and pure flavours from nature yourself. The profit is put back again into the kitchen garden.


Without insects nothing would grow in the kitchen garden. Come and look at the hard-working insects and learn more about how useful these creatures are.


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