FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Changes and cancellations

I want to change my trvel date. Is that possible?

If your arrival date does not (yet) fall within 28 days from today, then you can still adjust your travel dates. Regretfully for reservations with an arrival date within 28 days it is not possible to change your travel dates.

How can I change my reservation and/or book additional arrangements?

Online, via My Sandberghe you can book any additional extras or arrangements. Log in or open an account. Do you want to adjust the date, number of people or type of accommodation? Please telephone customer service on +31413 262585. We would be pleased to check together with you what possibilities there are.

My personal data shown in the reservation are incorrect. How do I adjust this?

Send an email with your bookings number to We will then correct your data for you.

I would like to cancel my reservation. How can I do that?

This can be done quite simply online via an email to our reception. Take note: in case of cancellations we may charge a fee depending on your date of arrival and the date of reservation. You can find an explanation of any possible costs in the cancellation form.
Take note: by cancelling you do NOT request a voucher.

How much of my travel price is refunded to me if I cancel now?

Only if at the time of cancellation your arrival date does not (yet) fall within 28 days, are you entitled to a refund of (a part of) your travel fee. Based on how many days ago you booked your reservation, it is then determined how much of your travel fee is refunded to you; if you cancel within 14 days of the booking of your reservation, then you receive 100% of your travel fee back. If you cancel later than 14 days after booking your reservation, then you are refunded 70% of your travel fee. In case of cancellatiojn of a reservation with an arrival date within 28 days, regretfully you are not entitled a refund.


What happens if I submit a cancellation for a reservation with an arrival date within 28 days?

If at the time of cancelling your planned arrival date falls within 28 days, you are not entitled to a refund. You will then pay 100% of the travel fee. We advise you therefore if you are unsure about your travel dates, to change your travel dates promptly. This is possible until 28 days before arrival. In order to do this please complete our rebooking form.


At the time of reservation my arrival was already within 28 days. Can I still change my travel dates, or cancel my reservation and receive a refund of (a part of) my travel fee?
If at the time of reservation the arrival date falls within 28 days, it is regretfully not possible to still change the travel dates or cancel the reservation and receive a refund of (a part of) the travel fee. In case of cancellation you will then pay 100% of the travel fee.

Reservations and payments

How can I see that holiday park Sandberghe has safely received my payment?

If the payment has been cleared in our system, you will receive a confirmation of payment within 5 working days. Are you paying online? You can see then immediately when the payment has been cleared.

Do I get a confirmation of payment after it has been paid?

Yes, you receive a confirmation of payment after you have paid.

In which ways can I pay at the holiday park?

At our holiday park you can pay with the following means of payment:
Credit card: Visa, Mastercard
Apple Pay


Am I allowed to pay the whole travel fee at arrival?

No, the travel fee must be paid before arrival. Unless you have made your booking shortly before arrival.

Which costs do I still need to pay at arrival?

The whole travel fee needs to be paid before arrival. You can find more information about the payment terms and conditions on your reservation confirmation.

* With some tour operators you do not have to pay the total travel fee. You will then pay the additional fees at arrival at reception.

Is the bedding included in the fees?

It is compulsory to hire the bedding. This is therefore included in the total fee. You pay for bedding for every person from the age of 3 years upwards. The beds can be made up for you at arrival. This costs €6.95 per bed. Request this at least 24 hours before arrival via My Sandberghe or on +31413 262585.

Are hand towels and kitchen towels included in the fees?

Hand towels and kitchen towls are not included and as a rule are not ready for you when you arrive in the holiday cottage. The cost for this is €7.95 per set for hand towels and €6.95 per set for kitchen towels. You have the option to hire this up to 24 hours before arrive via My Sandberghe, via +31413 262585 or at the reception desk in the park.


Am I able to indicate a preference for a certain accommodation during booking?

If you have a preference for a certain accommodation, you can certainly book this (subject to availability). There is a fee for this. You can indicate your preference online when booking, but you can also contact reception about this on +31413 262585.


The travel fee has been deducted twice from my account. What now?

It is unpleasant when that happens. The overpaid amount will be refunded by us to your account within a few days. You do not have to contact us about this.


Can I defer my payment?

In our general conditions you can see which time period for payment is applicable to you. We do not make any exceptions for this. If you do not pay within the stated time period for payment, then regretfully we will have to cancel your reservation.


What is a voucher?
The voucher is an online means of payment you can use to make a new booking via our website. We have introduced vouchers because we have received many reuqests for rebooking. We understand that it can possibly be difficult for you to make an immediate choice of new dates. With the voucher we have made it possible for you to book a new stay at a later stage.


How does the voucher work?

You can redeem the voucher as an online means of payment for a new booking via our website. When you book via our website you can redeem the voucher at step 2.


I have not received my voucher; what do I do?
If you have requested a voucher, you will receive a confirmatiojn from us by email. It is possible that this email has landed in your spam folder. Have you not received this email? In that case please contact us by telephone on +31413 262585.

Arrival and your stay

I cannot manage to arrive before the reception desk closes. What should I do?

If you cannot manage to check in between 16:00 and 17:00, then of course that is not a problem. Do please let us know in advance so our receptionists can arrange with you at what time you will arrive. Check on our website the actual opening times in order to see until what time reception is open.

At what time can I check in?

Checking in for an accommodation is possible between 15:00 and 17:00. If you would like to get into the accommodation earlier, then this is possible if it is ready for you at an earlier time. For this please contact our receptionists +31413 262585.

With how many people can I use the accommodation?

In the description of the accommodation is indicated for how many persons the accommodation is suitable. This number corresponds to the number of available beds in the accommodation and is the maximum permitted number of person. It is not possible for us to accept more people because of safety regulations. Therefore it is not allowed to place additional beds/camp beds/air beds in the accommodation.

In the accommodation a child under the age of 3 will be accepted as an extra person. The child may then sleep in a cot. In addition to the maximum number of permitted persons, only one extra child in a cot per accommodation is allowed. 

At what time do I have to check out?

You may check out until 10:00 am. The key of your accommodation must be handed in at reception. Potentially you may, at a fee, check out later (until 12:00 noon). We can look at your possibilities up to three days before your arrival. Contact our reception for this on +31413 262585.

Where can I park?

Only Sandberghe guests may park for free in the park at your accommodation or near it. There are also car parks with electric charging stations. We register a maximum of 2 number plates per accommodation for access to the park (with the exception of the forest cottages (1 car) and the country house (a maximum of 4 cars).

Any other cars may be parked at reception or on the car park of "De Maashorst" at the Schansweg opposite the Oude Bosweg.

Are pets allowed?

In some accommodations a maximum of 2 dogs are allowed. Sadly other pets are not allowed.


Are the facilities open?

Click here for the opening hours of De Huyskamer (The Lounge). For any exceptions see under "FAQ - frequently asked questions" under the heading corona virus on this page.

Do I have to book in advance in the restaurant?

Booking in advance is not necessary. If you come with a bigger group, then we appreciate it if you let us know. This you can do by email or by telephone +31413 262585.

Is the open air swimming pool heated?

Our open air swimming pools are heated by means of a solar panel system. When the weather is sunny, the system is very effective. If the weather is not nice, the water can be cold. The deep pool needs some time to warm up.

Is access to the open air swimming pool for anyone?

Access to the swimming pool is only allowed for park guests. It is not a public swimming pool, so sadly guests from the neighbourhood are not allowed to swim here. There is no life guard supervision at the swimming pool, so we advise parents to accompany your child to the swimming pool.

Is there free access to the play park?

Our play park has free access for park guests and for guests from the neighbourhood. Enjoy coming to play with your (grand)children in our play park and enjoy the sun on our terrace.

May we use the facilities if we arrive early?

If you arrive before 15:00 and are not yet able to check in, it is of course possible to already use our facilities. Report at reception that you have arrived and you will receive the necessary items for our facilities.

Is it possible to hire bicycles at the holiday park?

De Mastworp can be found at walking distance from our park. Here you can hire all kinds of bicycles and even an E-scooter.

Is there a shop at the park?

There is no shop at our holiday park. You are able to order fresh bread via the webshop of Bakery van Leur. This delicious bread is prepared in an artisan way. You can find online an extensive assortiment. Have you ordered today before 22:00pm? Your order will be ready for you at reception early tomorrow morning at 8:30am. There is no delivery on Sundays. (only available in Dutch).

And you can order your shopping with Jumbo. This can even already be arranged for your day of arrival. Jumbo will then deliver to reception. Take note! You have to then choose a time slot when you are actually in the park yourself.

Opening times

What are the opening hours of reception?

Click here for the page with reception opening hours

What are the opening hours of De Huyskamer?
Click here for the opening hours of De Huyskamer


What are the opening hours of the swimming pool?

The swimming pool is open daily from 09:00am to 21:00pm. Please be considerate of the line swimmers from 09:00am to 10:00am.


When does it have to be quiet in the park?

In the park you can enjoy quiet and nature. The birds sing here during the whole day. After 23:00 music or loud noises are not allowed. 
During the summer we have organised a number of events. It can then be that there is a bit more noise. Hopefully this does not result in annoyance. If you do have problems with that after all, we would like to hear that during your stay to enable us to do something about this.