Greet the park animals

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Favourite residents of Sandberghe

Various animals are living in the park. For example beautiful birds live there who love for you to hear them. Do you know which bird you are hearing? And maybe you also see a squirrel darting up the tree. They are a bit shy so they like to hide.

In the animal meadow are the permanent guests of Sandberghe. They love to get attention. They really like it if you come and have a look.

Quick introduction

Janneke and Saartje, our dwarf goats, are there every day. And if you're lucky, the chickens Jet, Doortje and Truus, have laid an egg for you which you then can buy at reception. 


The animals love eating very much and feast on all sorts of tasty things every day. But did you know already that bread is not healthy for animals? And some vegetables neither. Because of that we ask you not to feed them yourself.


Spend your stay with your horse

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful nature in the Maashorst with your horse? Whether it's a weekend away or a holiday, you can enjoy a wonderful stay for yourself and your horse at our park. The horses can stay in our stables and meadow.

When booking your chosen accommodation, you can add the horse stable under the heading 'Extras'. Even your horse has a place to sleep in our park! The costs for this are € 27.50 per night. This includes chunks, hay and water.

Did you know that.. the horse stable can be booked up to a week before arrival? You can e-mail the reception or call us on 0413 - 262585.


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