De Maashorst

The Maashorst

The ancient region of Brabant

A region where nature is in charge. Where trees, plants and animals are the boss. That is De Maashorst. Put on sturdy hiking boots and bring your binoculars or camera if you go walking in the region. For more information go to (website only available in Dutch).

 Explore adventurous routes  

From mountain biking to extensive hiking, the best routes are at your feet in the Maashorst.


Spot wild grazers 

Follow your primal instinct and sport the wisent, Tauros and Exmoorpony. These tough grazers ensure that the natural landscape returns to the way it once was: wild, pure and authentic.  

Get out and about

Have you packed your backpack yet? Have you already put on your sturdy shoes? Entirely right! Experience for yourself how rough the primeval area is and go exploring.