Bedafse Bergen

Bedaf Dunes

Roam together over the Bedaf Dunes

Because the Maashorst is higher than the surrounding area, the area is drier than the rest. People love that, so people lived here centuries ago. And where people come, the environment changes. For example, a lot of wood was cut by the medieval farmers for the construction of fields. Vast moors arose on those cleared pieces of land. The farmers then let their sheep graze. They ate the moors so bare that the sand was exposed. It started to be blown away by the wind. The result: Bedaf's drifting dunes. A special piece of primeval area where you can roam freely and where it feels as if time has stood still.

Walk along winding paths and in between the ancient trees. Gaze over the sand dunes. Watch how the children are building huts and slide down the dunes. You can experience the drifting dunes together. For more information go to (website only available in Dutch).